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  1. Not only is Megan an amazingly caring, compassionate person, but she’s one of the most gifted mediums I’ve ever met. I was referred to her by a friend to help get to the bottom of why my sister was experiencing poltergeist activity, heavy feeling energy, and orbs in photographs taken in her home. She immediately calmed our fears and got to the root of the energy problems in the house. In less than an hour, Megan successfully crossed over souls that were attached to the home who did not want to leave. The energy of the house changed immediately from heavy to light & airy and the anxiety felt by everyone (including the pets) dissolved after the clearing. And she did all of this from three hundred miles away! I am truly blown away by Megan’s incredible gift and wholeheartedly recommend her for in-person and distance house clearing and medium work.

  2. I called Megan in a panic because my cat Peanut escaped from my vets office when I left him there for some tests because he had left the back door open. The first thing Megan told me was that Peanut was still in the vets office behind some pipes or a sink and that I would get him back. Sure enough my vet called me the next day and said that they had found Peanut underneath the sink behind the pipes!!! Thank you from Susan and Peanut.

  3. I have been getting readings from Megan for years. Although there are things she tells me that I really do not want to hear she is always right on the money in her predictions for me, as well as getting what is going on with me without me even telling her. Veronica

  4. Megan is truly brilliant at what he does. She is compassionate, caring, insightful, and empathetic. I admire her immensely and highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking a talented and gifted medium.

  5. I have personally worked with Megan as colleagues, and know her to be a sincere and gifted psychic. Her channeling skills are especially tuned and her ability to pierce the veil between life and after life are, in my opinion, excellent. She has a store of metaphysical knowledge and her abilities with remedies is also great. Her brilliant mind, with knowledge in quantum physics and manifestation techniques along with her natural intuitive ablities will bring a lot to the “table” in your time spent with her…

  6. As a reader myself, I find Megan to be not only one of the most gifted readers I have met but one of the best individuals in the field of metaphysics period. I have known and worked with Megan over the years and have come to trust her ability and knowledge to help guide me thru some rough spots in my world. We all need support at times and Megan has consistently not only been there for me but has been spot on with information that I needed to hear. I value her gifts as a reader and her kind encouraging words as a friend……….If you are looking to really move beyond your own blocks call Megan. Her readings go deep and so does the healing if you allow it.
    Thank you Megan……always…..
    Vicki Wells

  7. Megan is one of the most compassionate, kindest human beings I know.
    Her readings are not only insightful to guide you, but very thorough and extremely accurate. Megan is very generous in spirit, soul , and gives of her time generously, tirelessly while using her gift for the good of mankind. Her knowledge extends beyond many that I know in the metaphysical world. She is a much needed human being with her kindness and compassion that she brings to every single session she does. She is genuinely gifted and my friend.

  8. Megan is one of the most caring and gifted people ive ever came into contact with,She has helped my family in such a beautiful way she’s simply AMAZING!!Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart Megan for what you’ve done for us you will always be close to our hearts and in our thoughts forever….Love and light always…<3<3

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