Megan Butler has been offering psychic and spiritual services to clients professionally for over ten years, doing readings for people and animals as well as assisting the dead in crossing over. We can all get stuck in the process of life and death in a variety of ways and may need assistance and guidance from a perspective we may not have because we are afraid.

Megan is empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and a master tarot interpreter.

As a trained trance-channel and natural born intuitive one of Megan’s great gifts is assisting the dead in crossing over, most particularly when they are in a space or attached to a space that they are unwilling to leave. Personal readings can help guide people towards the best choices in they’re lives on a variety of levels. Megan’s main goal is to guide and assist each soul towards its highest evolution.

The study of metaphysics and the psyche have been a passion of Megan’s for the past thirty years and with honesty, integrity and compassion, helps guide clients towards their goals and towards the light.